POLINI E-P3 Battery cover


Battery cover for a full integration

If the code word is “integration”, here the proposal by Polini to integrate the E-P3 battery into the down-tube.

The cover, easy and light, is made of plastic to give you the possibility to integrate the battery without modifying the frame of the existing e-bikes. Thanks to this solution, besides hiding the battery, to customize the e-bike design becomes even easier since the cover can be painted. The ON/OFF buttons, the charger connector and the safety key stay accessible and the battery level is clearly visible.

POLINI E-P3 Battery cover for DUAL battery. The same cover but without the water-bottle support is available for the e-bikes equipped with the second battery on the top-tube.

Item:  955.520.013 Down-tube (with water-bottle support hole) – Public price euro 21,00 + VAT
Item:  955.520.014 Top-tube (without water-bottle support housing) – Public price euro 19,00
– (for both the covers) Item: 955.305.017 Black anodized fixing screw – Public price euro 2,60 + VAT

For further information: ebike@polini.com