New partnership between Polini and ECROWN

New partnership between Polini and ECROWN

« Passions are the spring of life. When you want to do something and believe in it strongly, with tenacity and sacrifice is achievable, obstacles do not exist« .

With this spirit of will, on Friday November 17th, was held the official presentation of ECROWN, a new Italian e-bike brand stylish design, contemporary, sought.

ECROWN was born about a year ago on the shores of Orta Lake from the idea of four friends – Marco Paini, Mauro Zerlia, Claudio Savoini and Maurizio Cottella – entrepreneurs passionate about sports, always attentive to the beauty of the territory in which they live and fascinated by the world of cycling.

The mission of ECROWN is to « generate emotions », carrying on the Green philosophy, combining the production of electric bikes charging stations, environmental sustainability and a healthier life dimension.

At the presence of the most nationally accredited newspapers, the range of electric bikes produced has been unveiled: three e-Gravel models (Un Paved, Un paved Flat, Un paved Lite), an e-mtb front/Trekking model (Hardtail) and two e-Enduro models (Performante S, already on the podium of some official races and the spectacular Performante RS).

Three main technical partners of ECROWN were present: FSA, POLINI and VITTORIA.

For journalists who wanted to try the new e-bikes it was possible to ride around Orta Lake in two itinerant test rides: the Enduro ride and the Gravel ride.