Accessories E-P3

item 955.435.001

Special grease for E-P3 motor – Gr. 5

Polini grease for E-P3 motor has been formulated to improve its resistance to the centrifugal strengths, granting a hard adhesion to the lubricated parts with the aim to increase the life and reduce the noise of the motor.

Polini E-P3 Accessori Accessories Accessoires Accesorios

item 955.815.001
Battery housing bottlecage


item 955.815.002
Universal bottlecage

porta borraccia Polini E-P3 - E-P3 Polini bottle cage - porte-bouteille d’eau Polini E-P3 - porta botellas Polini E-P3

item 955.815.003
Battery side bottle cage holder


item 955.815.004
Bottle cage universal holder with side extraction

item 955.764.001
Stand for bicycles with rear tire width from 40mm to 70mm.

item 955.764.002
Stand for bicycles with rear tire width till 40mm.

  • Adjustable in length.
  • Maximum load: 25kg.

item 955.830.002
Battery charger UE 220-240V 3A.

item 955.830.014
Battery charger model U.S.A. 110V 2A.

Polini E-P3 Accessori Accessories Accessoires Accesorios

item 955.830.018

Cut Off Sensor is a gear sensor that allows to interrupt for a few tenths of second the power provided to the motor when you operate on the shifts control, both when down-shifting or increasing. Thanks to the Cut Off Sensor you may shift without causing hits or pulls to the gears and chain. It is installed on the rear shifter cable with the aim to improve the efficiency and the lifetime of all the transmission parts.

item 955.520.009

Battery down-tube cover.

item 955.810.001
MTB skid plate.

item 955.810.002
Road skid plate.

E-Bike with stand:
item 955.810.003
MTB skid plate.

item 955.810.004
Road skid plate.