APP Polini E-Bike

(for E-P3+ e E-P3+ MX motors with firmware update from 4.60)

Polini E-P3+ system adds the heart rate monitor

With the latest update available the E-P3+ system further develops and it can even more interconnected with the sporting world thanks to the connection of the motor to the Bluetooth heart rate monitor strap.

Polini E-P3+ adds the heart functions. Once your Bluetooth heart rate monitor strap is connected the display will show you live the heart beat and the system automatically will be able to send messages once the threshold set by the customer on the E-Bike Polini App is exceeded. This update makes the training more controlled beyond being tracked referring to the heart rate. In this way it is possible to optimize the beats and to find the best thresholds of the beats rate work, beyond keeping under control the effort of your heart and adapting the support of the motor to the pedal.

The Polini E-P3+ system introduces the functions of heart beats reading allowing a carefree  and safety training.







Customize your E-P3+ motor quickly and easily

Polini Motori launches the brand new E-Bike Polini App, available for all the smartphones with iOS and Android operative system, able to manage in an easy, intuitive and immediate way all the qualities of the E-P3+ and E-P3+ MX motors.
A real revolution in the world of the pedal-assisted that lets the user customize in a fast and easy way all the motor features.
The E-Bike Polini App exploits the Bluetooth technology to share the data immediately.
The application gives you the possibility to manage the controls, settings, diagnostic and customizations of the motor maps.

Main features of the E-Bike Polini App:

• DISPLAY: it transmits the display of your bike directly on the screen of your smartphone. In this way you have a clearer vision of all the data and you can select the assistance level, maps, lights, trip reset.

• MAPS SETUP: it is possible to create two maps (Custom 1, Custom2), starting from one of the three standard maps between TOURING, DYNAMIC, RACE.

• STATISTICS: This section collects all the information and statistics of your trip, useful to analyze the cyclist’s performance matched with the motor one.

• DIAGNOSTICS: A panoramic of the conditions of your motor, of the battery and of the complete system .

• SETTINGS: it contains all the general information and the settings to optimize your experience of use.

The new Polini App has been studied and designed to improve your experience with the e-bikes equipped with Polini E-P3+ and E-P3+ MX motors with updated firmware starting from FW 4.60 version that you can free download from

Despite granting the compatibility with the app, the new firmware lets you:
– improve the answer of the motor according to the cyclist thrust
– widen the dynamic in the Dynamic and Race maps for the 3,4,5 levels to manage the power in conditions of lower grip
– improve the walk function
– lock the Touring map for the rental e-bikes
– Improve the management of the limitation of the assistance levels for lower values of the battery
– make the switch on of the system faster

A simple, intuitive, fast application that makes your e-bike with E-P3+ and E-P3+ MX motors totally customizable.
This is the Polini E-Bike App, available for all smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems.

Thanks to this incredible tool it is possible to create two maps (Custom 1, Custom2), starting from one of the three standard maps (TOURING, DYNAMIC, RACE) by customizing at all torque gains and limitations for all of the 5 levels.
It is also possible to manage the answer of the motor cut-off to go along with your driving style.

The motor cut-off time parameter changes the speed at which the motor stops assisting in the moment the cyclist stops pedaling.
Motor cut-off time 0% means that the motor disconnection occurs immediately when the cyclist stops pedaling, ideal on a racing bike or in general downhill.
Motor cut-off time 100% means that the motor continues to push (about 1 second ) after the cyclist stops pedaling. This setting is useful on MTB bikes to overcome uphill obstacles more easily.

A full diagnosis system able to provide a panoramic of the conditions of your motor, of the battery and of the complete system through an easy and instant feedback.

In addition to providing technical information, such as motor firmware versions, batteries, serial number, it collects some useful settings to optimize your experience of use.