Bottle Battery – FOR E-P3+ EVO MOTOR ONLY

This is an original extender that can be connected to the 500Wh Polini battery: theE-P3+ EVO 2023 system is in fact set up for automatic matching.

The new Polini Bottle Battery guarantees a further 250Wh, making the e-bike systems modular: in addition to the standard 500Wh, the user has additional 250Wh available, thus reaching a total of 750Wh, ensuring more operating time for longer or more challenging routes.

Ready to use device

AllE-P3+ EVO 2023 systems are set up to communicate with the Polini Bottle Battery, which connects directly to the original Polini battery by a new connector with bayonet fitting.

The system has been designed to immediately recognize both batteries and turning on the main 500Wh battery, if connected, the 250Wh Polini Bottle Battery will automatically turn on.

The display has been also updated to allow the user to see the residual capacity of both batteries on the second page of the menu.

For the correct functioning of the Bottle Battery it is mandatory to purchase one of the two cables available with different lengths (L. 200mm or L. 700mm) to connect it to the main 500Wh battery depending on the fixing point.

For the correct housing we recommend the specially designed Polini system cod. 955.520.024 to fix the support to the frame cover or to the seat post.

A big step forward in the world of pedal assistance, which allows the user longer bike rides and the possibility of making greater use of their e-bike on any type of route.







Only compatible with Polini original full integrated down-tube.