Volta: ride more, limit less with the Polini EP-3 motor


There’s a new important partnership for Polini Motori.

In the world of the e-bikes with the Polini E-P3, the Bergamo-based company strengthens its presence in the electric bike market with a new partnership.

Basso Bikes, a company that has been in the world of bicycles for over 40 years, has chosen the quality of Polini motors to equip the brand new Volta: a unique design bike, but also versatile, suitable for any type of terrain, which uses all the E-P3 motor power to enhance its qualities even more.

In its three different configurations (road, off road, urban city), it takes full advantage of the qualities of the E-P3 motor.

On the road, Volta moves agile, fast and reactive. The multipurpose structure allows the cyclist to ride the bike precisely, dictating the trajectories and changes of pace.

On the off road, Volta becomes an all-road adventure bike, with gravel tires with high load capacities.

In the urban city version, Volta becomes elegant and refined, with mudguards and pannier racks, to reach the destination in style.

A real jewel embellished with the performance of the E-P3.

The Polini motor, thanks to its unique and extremely sophisticated qualities, is able to offer Volta performance and durability in any type of situation.

Thanks to the 500Wh battery, it guarantees an extra boost even on longer journeys, up to 220 km, with one of the best weight/power ratios (2,8 kg motor) and one of the highest torque values verified on the market (more than 70Nm) 250Watt (500Watt maximum peak). The digital display Dot matrix is water-resistant according to the IP65 protocol, and allows you to manage the headlights, assistance level, remaining range, speed, pedal and motor potentiometers. Ambient sensor for automatic backlight adjustment. Integrated BLE Bluetooth Low-Energy joystick with Walk-assist function Micro-USB.

The choice of the Polini E-P3 motor on the new Volta makes an exclusive and quality combination, which further enhances a “100% Made in Italy” product”.

Info: Basso Bikes