Polini commitment to the world of the e-bikes continues with a new collaboration. After an extraordinary 2021 season it is already time to prepare for the new season. Lots of news and great expectations, for a 2022 that promises to be full of emotions.

The Fulgur Polini Team, coordinated by the Valdinevole E-Bike team, will have a new bright star for the women’s category: Alia Marcellini.

Born in 1991, great protagonist of the downhill world, in 2021 Alia dominated and won the E-Enduro National Circuit, the FMI E-bike Versilia Circuit, the TES Enduro Isola d’Elba and the Italian Downhill Sestriere Cup Circuit. In 2022 the challenge will be multiple: EWS, E-Enduro Championship, FMI E-Bike Championship on the Polini E-P3+ motorized E-Bike Fulgur.

A season that promises to be challenging, but at the same time exciting. The common goal will be to bring the Polini E-P3+ motor back to the podium after a 2021 of infinite satisfactions.

Alia Marcellini
“After many years of “quiet” in my comfort zone, a breath of fresh air has arrived that has brought with it this new collaboration with Fulgur-Polini and the Valdinevole E-Bike team. We start with new goals and challenges: I can’t wait to start concretely on the competition fields! There are all the conditions to reach the top. Together with the team I will give my best to bring home good results: it is with teamwork that the goals are achieved. I sincerely thank Polini, Fulgur and Valdinevole E-Bike for the trust shown and this new opportunity! “.

Saimon Polini, Polini Motori
“Polini-Fulgur-Valdinevole: a triple partnership is signed which I am sure will give added value to the national and international scene of e-bike competitions. The formation will have a new entry of excellence, Alia Marcellini: her charisma and experience will be an extra incentive for the whole team”.

Loris Vannucci, Team Coordinator
“I am very honored to be the coordinator of such an ambitious project, since being in charge of an official team means first of all aiming for victory! We start this season with all the right cards to do well. There is a lot of work to be done, but being aware of having a racing soul company like Polini behind us further stimulates us. We are a good group of athletes and professionals, but above all a close team that wants to achieve results, and the entry of a renowned athlete like Alia makes everything even more valiant and exciting!”.

Fulvio Canadelli, Fulgur
“We are very motivated for the new season after years of “apprenticeship” and a 2021 full of satisfactions: now the best is coming, to reconfirm and improve! We have conquered the peaks of Italy and the world, with the enthusiasm of those who not only build e-bikes, but produce them with the intention of creating something unique. Our primary goal will be to create a vehicle that matches our athletes and their performances, supporting them on a new path that we hope will lead us to excel at world level again. A huge welcome to Alia in our team which, thanks to the partnership with Polini and Valdinevole, we are sure will reach many results”.

An important collaboration for Polini, that seals another valuable partnership with great expectations for a 2022 season with renewed successes.