Polini E-P3+ Enduro World series a Valberg

POLINI E-P3+ Enduro Wolrd series in Valberg

This week end took place the 4th race of the Enduro World Serie in Valber (French) where the Polini E-P3+ motor installed on the Fulgur bike gained the first step of the podium with the rider Quim Farga in the E100MAN category.

60kms travelled, 3000 mt of difference in height have made the competition in Valber the perfect ground to test the resistance and efficiency of the Polini motor. Quim Fargas, Riccardo Giuliani, Luca Ercoletti and Stefano Passeri have proved the efficiency of the Polini E-P3+ motor, all on the podium in their category.

Quin Fargs, amateur, 25 years old, has been racing for 2 year in the Championship of Catalunya. He won the first step of the podium in his first international race.

“ I felt very comfortable with my bike(Fulgur) and with the Polini E—P3+ moto; it has been a 100% race for e-bikes, high level and physically demanding”